This consultation is open. The final date for feedback is Friday 25 October 2019.

As you may know we are considering the creation of Town Councils across the rest of Torbay (Brixham already has a Town Council).

Across the country Town Councils play a big part in promoting real community engagement and effective government at the most local level. They are protecting local services that matter to the local community, and we want to know your thoughts on how working together can protect your local services, services that we will not be able to provide in the future.

This consultation will be running for six weeks, from Monday 2 September 2019, and during this time we will be sharing lots of information with you. We will be doing this in a number of ways, including social media posts, your questions answered in our Torbay Questions (TQs) Facebook Live Panels and roadshows in each town.

All of this information is to help you explore and understand what Town Councils really means for you and your community.

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Full information about the review including the terms of reference and a timetable, are on the main Community Governance Review page.