This consultation is open. The final date for feedback is Sunday 20 December 2020

we have made a strong commitment to improving partnership working and community-based action within Torbay. At the Community Conference in September 2019 conversations began about how and what this might look like in Torbay. Four key overarching messages emerged from the conference discussions:

  • There needs to be a change of culture in the Council and communities.
  • Trusted relationships with communities need to be built.
  • Communication with communities and individuals needs to improve.
  • Celebration of the Bay's assets and civic pride need to be encouraged

We recognise and values the importance of a strong and vibrant voluntary sector in developing and maintaining a thriving Torbay. We value that people and communities want to be more involved, work together, improve our relationships, and have better on-going conversations with us. We agree that the private sector is also a vital part of our community and need to be part of these conversations.

The draft strategy

The report from the Community Conference recommended that one of the elements required to translate our determination to engage with communities more effectively into real change "on the ground" was a community engagement strategy that could become embedded in the work of all our directorates and departments. It was felt that this (alongside other recommendations) would support the strong desire voiced by conference participants for a change in our culture and mindset.

This draft strategy sets out to our members, staff and community not only our plan of how we will address some of the key themes emerging from the conference but also clear statements about what our offers, commitments and actions will be. It also makes clear what we are asking of the community to support this improvement and build more positive, trusted relationships.

The strategy outlines how we intend to meet its mission to be a Council that works in partnership with its residents, communities and partnerships. It is split into six key domains that outline how we propose to improve our community engagement and how we want to work alongside and empower the community in Torbay. The proposed domains are:

  • Working differently
  • Keep you informed
  • Ask what you think
  • Decide together
  • Act together
  • Support independent community initiatives

The first domain outlines what our offers are to the community to facilitate this approach and what we ask of the community to support. It provides a narrative to explain our new approach and proposals about how a partnership framework would look in Torbay. The subsequent domains make clear statements about what our commitments are and what our planned actions are to meet these.

A copy of the Draft Engagement & Empowerment Strategy is available for you to review:

Draft Community Engagement and Empowerment Strategy
Provides details of how will we engage with our communities.

We would like to know your thoughts and have two ways available to you to feedback your views:

Option 1

  Complete the Torbay Community Development Trust Survey Opens in a new window

This should only take 5-10 minutes to complete and you do not need to have read the full draft strategy to complete as it will guide you through the key points.

Option 2

  Complete the Torbay Council Survey

This should take 15-20 minutes of your time to complete and will allow you to provide feedback in more detail.