This consultation is now closed. The final date for feedback was 18 December 2015.

At the end of 2015, the Overview and Scrutiny Board recommended that a review of parking be undertaken. The Mayor supported this recommendation and said that he would ask officers to undertake a full review covering the main issues raised by the Board. The Board recommendation and the Mayor’s response are available below.

O and S recommendation and Mayor's response
Extract from report to the mayor from the review of priorities and resources 2015/16.

We undertook a review of our Parking Service to help identify what local people want from this service and understand how we can best deliver it. We invited residents, business owners and visitors to Torbay to give their opinions regarding Parking Services to be included in this review and then be used to develop a parking strategy for the future delivery of Parking Services. This strategy will provide a framework for future operational decisions about the service.

Draft consultation report
Review of Parking Services draft consultation report - December 2015
Parking policy 2012-2015
This document sets out the key policies with regard to the provision of both on-street and off-street parking and for the enforcement of Traffic Regulation Orders.
Parking review project scope
A scope of the parking services review project.