This consultation is now closed. The final date for feedback was 21 November 2018.

School Forum is in the process of identifying ways to meet the challenges posed by a deficit in the Higher Needs Block of the Dedicated Schools Grant. The proposals have been generated through a series of meeting between Local Authority Officers, School Representatives, Health and Social Care Colleagues.

On behalf of the School Forum we would like to thank everyone who took the time to take part in the consultation in respect of the proposal to transfer monies from the wider Dedicated Schools Grant  to the Higher Needs element of the Dedicated Schools Grant, so as to protect the funding for those children who have Higher Needs. There is no proposal to reduce the budget for Higher Needs in Torbay, and all of the Dedicated Schools Grant will be spent on providing education.

We have received an exceptional response and are now in the process of analysing the feedback. The next step in relation to this proposal is that the responses will be considered by the Chief Finance Officer who will then take a decision on whether to approach the Secretary of State.

Your opinions form an important part of this process. The results and your feedback will be used by School Forum and as part of an evidence base to the Secretary of State.