If someone living in your home is an apprentice or youth trainee and without them only one ‘adult’ lives there, you can apply for a 25 percent discount on your council tax.

If there are only apprentices and trainees living there you may be able to get a 50 percent discount.


An apprentice for council tax is someone who is:

  • Employed to learn a trade, and the training leads to a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ)
  • Receiving substantially less than the salary they would be likely to receive if the qualification is achieved
  • Being paid not more than £195.00 a week before tax and insurance

We will need to see wage slips.

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Youth trainee

A youth trainee for council tax is someone who is:

  • Under 25 years old
  • Receiving training under an approved government sponsored youth training scheme

We will need to see the training plan.

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