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All these examples assume the landlord does not accept the early termination of the tenancy. The landlord or agent could be seen as accepting an early end to the tenancy if they agree to the keys being returned before the end of the tenancy.

  • A tenancy is for six months and the tenant gives correct notice on 1 July to leaveĀ on 1 August but in fact leaves on 15 July, the tenant will be liable for council tax until 1 August
  • A six month tenancy has expired but there was a clause stating it will continue after the initial term ends and the tenant abandons the property without giving any notice to the landlord, the tenant will remain liable until the tenancy is truly at an end
  • A tenant with a six month tenancy gives notice on 10 July to leave on 30 July, and leaves on 30 July. If the landlord rejects the invalid notice or does nothing to accept the notice is valid the tenant will remain liable until the landlord accepts the tenancy has ended or a valid notice is given and expired.
  • If the tenancy is for six months but the tenant leaves after four months, the tenant will remain liable until the end of the term