From 2015 a new opportunity to show that your work with young people is of quality has been introduced in Torbay.

We are now asking all groups that submit a youth activities funding bid for 2016-17 to be aware that if they are successful in their application they will automatically be signed up for the First Steps package from the leading youth club charity Ambition Opens in a new window

It is easy to do and it can be carried out over a short period of time

We are aware groups are pressured in terms of their time and resources, but the Youth Service will now pay the costs associated with taking on the First Steps element of the Quality Standards Mark from Ambition worth £100 for all funded groups that are successful from 2015. This element is as it says the very first steps and does not require a great deal of work or input as such.

What is First Steps
First Steps is an assurance scheme specifically designed for organisations working with young people.

You can decide to apply for the Full Quality Mark

Larger and more established groups may wish to go on to complete the actual full quality mark after their First Steps starting at bronze and working up to gold if you deemed this appropriate to your organisation. If you require details of this please email or have a look at the Ambition Opens in a new window website.

This will replace the old style outcomes reporting

All previously funded groups are now well versed in providing outcomes reporting to ensure they are supporting young people effectively in their communities, as well as providing evidence of policies and procedures. As we know all public money has to accountable and this pot has to demonstrate that it enables young people to access safe services that will safeguard their well being.

This First Steps programme will now enable funded groups (both previously funded and newly funded, but only those applying from April 2015), to receive a starting Quality Mark for this evidence, whilst also showing that young people are able to access learning opportunities in a welcoming environment. This Mark will help you to evidence why your provision is of a quality that is now recognised nationally and is being increasingly followed by both large and smaller organisations and is crucially endorsed by the Charities’ Commission. This will therefore help potential funders to see you are working to a set of national quality assurance criteria.

The First Steps programme is based on providing evidence in 3 key areas using either electronic or paper methods of collecting evidence as part of a self assessment process.

Groups that are certificated, will receive window stickers and electronic badges and these are valid for 3 years.


If you do not want to apply for Youth Activities Funding, but are interested in signing up to the Quality Framework in some way please tell us so we can map the Mark in Torbay.

This Mark will not apply to those seeking the social action fund.

If you have applied for funding the practicalities will be explained to you in detail prior to you receiving the funding. You will agree to this element by signing the terms and conditions form for Youth Activities Funding. This does not apply to groups that have received funding in previous years prior to 2015