There is a common held belief that once a young person reaches 16 children services stop, that is not the case. To support those young people there is some law in place called the Children Act 1989 (October 2010) wich gives Councils duties and responsibilities towards young people in care post 16.

We have a duty for all care leavers to receive additional advice support and practical help. The After Care Provison (often referred to as the 'Care Leavers Team') is the service in Torbay designed to provide that help and support for young people leaving care who meet the criteria for a service from aged 16 to 21 and in some circumstances up to age 25 if for example you are in education.

This is a specialist targeted service and referrals are only accepted under strict eligibility criteria within targeted children teams in Torbay or by referral from equivalent teams out of the local authority for Young people moving into the Bay. The simple way to explain how young people get to receive this service is 'when a young person has been in care for 13 weeks and still in care at age 16 or 17'.

You can not refer directly to this team and your child’s Social worker will be able to advise you if your child will get this support. If you are likely to meet the criteria for a service, we will start working with young people at age 15 to ensure there is a smooth transition to the After Care team and minimal disruption in the GCSE exam period.

This service will:

  • Allocate a Social Worker or a Community Care Worker to all Care Leavers. They will keep that worker throughout their time with the After care team.
  • Help young people to plan their future - whether that is staying in education, getting training or a getting a job.
  • Will talk with young people about the different types of housing options available and will support them to find somewhere suitable to live.
  • Ensure young people receive help so that they can learn how to live on their own.

We can also talk to care leavers about finances and anything else that will make it easier for them to become independent and the support they need from a variety of services and resources to meet their individual needs.

Independent information on Leaving Care can also be found on Catch 22 Opens in a new window website. Catch22 is the leading national body aiming to improve policy and practice relating to young people’s transition from care to adulthood. Their aim is to see all care leavers able to achieve their full potential and aspirations.

We also assess young people who are homeless if they aged 16 or 17 and homeless and/or there has been a family breakdown then they can access mediation and support services through housing and children Services.

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