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We will always have the highest aspirations for young people. In order to support the achievements and challenges young people may face, we will ensure that all the young people in our care receive the best services and support possible. This will help young people to grow and develop to reach their goals and aspirations as they enter adulthood.

We work with the following: 

  • Looked After Children and Care Leavers from 15 to 21 years or up to 25 years if in full time education to prepare for independence.
  • Young people involved with youth justice services including both pre-court and court interventions to reduce crime in the community.
  • Young people who have been referred for additional support by the Early Help Service so that we can respond early to identified difficulties.

We also work closely with Careers South West, Checkpoint, Mental Health Teams (Adult and Child), Housing, Police, Probation, and the Voluntary Sector.