If you work at a language school, you need to let us know if you are arranging for a young person who is under 16 to be looked after by a ‘host family’ for a period of 28 days or more.

If you are acting as a ‘host family’ for a language school, you must let us know if you are planning to take a young person under age 16 for 28 days or more, as this will be classed as Private Fostering. 

  Tell us your child is being looked after by someone else

Host families

The law requires us to make sure the child will be safe and the arrangement is in their best interests. We will need to assess you and your family members. This assessment will include:

  • DBS and health checks on you and all members of your household aged 16 and over.
  • Checks on your accommodation to make sure it is suitable and safe
  • Making sure you have all the information you need to care for the child
  • Regular visits to the child when they are living with you

This assessment will only relate to a particular arrangement. It won’t be an assessment of your general suitability as a private foster carer.

We will visit the young person on a regular basis, to check on their welfare.