Being in foster care can be a difficult and upsetting time for children. They are being taken away from their family and placed in an unfamiliar setting with strangers. We aim to provide children with a safe and happy experience.

Feedback from children in foster care

Here are some of the positive and negative experiences that young people have had in care:

Don’t get on with other kids in placement, argued a lot because of differences. Don’t get on with social worker.
My foster carers didn’t trust me, but I trusted them with my life. They let me down more than my parents.
It was a negative experience meeting my new family for the first time.
Being in foster care is better than being at home.
It is a safer environment being in care
I moved into foster care and everything else was good for the next 3 years.
Going with someone nice, having animals, being with friends and family.
Don’t always feel able to ask carers for things that we want.

Feedback from foster Carers

Being foster carers for Torbay has its benefits and can be very rewarding. Here is what some experienced carers have to say:

Rewarding job to be able to help children and young people.
Can make a difference in a young persons life.
To be there for children through good and bad times.
Helping support a child through a difficult time in their life - offer some comfort.
Where you have had young people for a while and see them successfully return home - feel like you have done something to help that family.
Help young people through hard times - make a difference in their life.
Rewarding when you see children you have cared for grown up and they acknowledge the positives that you have made in their life.