Lot A

Places on Lot A have been awarded to the following 8 Consultants:

  • AECOM Limited
  • Arcadis LLP
  • Atkins Limited
  • Currie & Brown UK LtdĀ [1]
  • Mott Macdonald Ltd
  • Turner & Townsend Project Management Ltd
  • Ward Williams Associates
  • WYG Management Services Limited

[1] Place originally awarded to Sweett (UK) Limited, novated to Currie & Brown UK Ltd following their takeover of Sweett Group. Appropriate due diligence checks were carried out on Currie & Brown UK Ltd prior to novation.

Lot B

Places on Lot B have been awarded to 6 Consultants for each sub-lot, as follows:

Lot B Consultants
Consultant Lot(s) Awarded
AHR Architects BB1, BD1, BO1, BB4, BO4
AWW Limited BC1
Austin-Smith:Lord LLP BD4, BO4
Bailey Partnership BC1, BB2, BO2, BC3, BD3, BO3, BD4, BC5, BD5, BO5
Burwell Deakins Architects Ltd BC4
ChandlerKBS BD3
CMS Construction Consultants t/a CMS Group Ltd BC4
Craddy Pitchers Limited t/a Craddys BB6, BC6, BD6, BO6
Curtins Consulting Limited BB6, BD6, BO6
DarntonB3 Limited BD4
DRAC Consulting Limited BB5, BD5
Edmond Shipway LLP BO3
EOS Architects Limited BB4
Expedite Project Services Ltd BB1, BO1
Faithful + Gould Limited BD1, BO1, BB2, BD2, BO2, BB3, BC3, BD3, BO3
HLMAD Limited t/a HLM BC1, BD1
Hoare Lea BB5, BO5
Hulley and Kirkwood Consulting Engineers Limited BB5
John Grimes Partnership Limited BB6, BC6, BD6, BO6
Jubb Consulting Engineers Ltd BB6, BC6
Kendall Kingscott Limited BB4
Lacey Hickie & Caley Limited BB4, BD4
Lyndon Goode Architects Ltd BC4
Method Consulting LLP BC5
NPS Property Consultants Ltd BB1, BC1, BD1, BO1, BB2, BC2, BD2, BO2, BB3, BC3, BO3, BC4, BO4, BB5, BC5, BD5, BO5, BB6, BC6, BD6, BO6
Nugent Vallus Brierley Ltd t/s NVB Architects Limited BB4, BC4, BD4, BO4
Opus International Consultants (UK) Ltd BD6
Pick Everard BB6, BO4, BO5
Pope Consulting Limited BC5, BD5
Poynton Bradbury Wynter Cole Architects Ltd BB1, BO1, BB4, BC4
PDP Green Consulting Limited BC1, BC6, BD6
QSPM Consultants LLP BD1, BC2, BC3
Randall & Simmonds LLP BC2, BD2
Rider Levett Bucknall UK Ltd BB1, BB2, BD2, BO2, BB3, BD3
Ridge and Partners LLP BB2, BC2
Services Design Solution Ltd BB5, BC5, BD5, BO5
Stride Treglown Limited BB1, BD1, BD4
Turner & Townsend Cost Management Ltd BB3, BC3, BD3, BO3
Welling Partnership Property & Construction Consultants BC2, BD2, BO2, BB3, BC3, BD3
WSP UK Limited BC1, BO1, BO4, BB5, BC5, BD5, BO5,BC6, BO6
WT Hills Limited BB2, BC2, BD2, BO2, BB3, BO3