For all productions where children will be performing, applications for a Licence must be made to us by the producer at least 21 days before the first date of the performance. Rehearsals do not count towards the number of days permitted.

We can issue a licence for amateur productions to responsible adults (a Body of Persons) such as dramatic societies or youth organisations where child performance licences would otherwise be required for the individual children who participate. This is particularly useful for organisations that put on regular performances with large numbers of children as the amount of administrative work involved for each performance is greatly reduced.

No approval is needed where:

  1. No payment is made to the child or their parent/guardian other than reimbursement of actual expenses AND
  2. The child will not have taken part in performances with any organisation on more than four days in the previous 6 months including theplanned performance (provided there is no absence from school).


Applications must be completed by the person responsible for the production.

  Download an approved body status application


Any person who holds an Approved Body Licence is responsible for ensuring that a child is supervised at all times and under the charge of a chaperone approved by us (except when in the charge of a parent/guardian or tutor).

If you do not comply with chaperone regulations, your insurance may be invalidated and/or you/the children’s parents may be liable to legal proceedings.

You must meet the following conditions for us to grant a Body of Persons Approval:

  • You undertake to supply us with the following information for each performance for the duration of the certificate:
    • Name, address and date of birth of all children taking part
    • Dates, times and locations where children are required
    • Details of children’s schools
    • Details of all chaperones you will be using
  • The child performers must receive no payment other than for expenses. If payment is made an application for a child performance licence would be needed in the usual way.
  • No child must miss any schooling for a rehearsal or performance. If this is necessary, a child performance licence must be applied for.
  • The Approval is for the organisation responsible for the performance, not for individual young people. The licence is not transferable to other organisations, so if the same young people are performing for other organisations they will need to apply for a performance licence.
  • The organiser must have a current child protection policy in place and we must be told of any changes.
  • Medical declaration forms have been completed by the parents/carers of all children and are available for inspection.
  • Children must be accompanied by licenced Chaperones.