Thank you for registering your food business. The relevant details will be placed on to the Torbay database of food business establishments.
As the Food Business Operator it is your responsibility to inform the Food and Safety Team of any changes to the business such as a change of ownership, change of activities or business closure.
The registration will not hold up starting the business, however you will be subject to an initial inspection, which may be unannounced and carried out within the next few weeks.

The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme

If you are supplying food direct to the consumer your food business is likely to fall within the scope of the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme.
It has been introduced to provide consumers with at-a-glance information about hygiene standards in food businesses, so they can make informed choices about where they buy and eat food.  The leaflet Good hygiene is good for your business explains more about the scheme, how your rating will be calculated, how your customers will know what your rating is, what the benefits are for you and your customers, and what you should be doing now.
Responsibility for food safety lies with you and you must ensure that you comply with all relevant hygiene requirements. The Food Standards Agency produces a pack called Safer Food Better Business which can help with this process.
There is also a checklist that will help you review the standards at your premises. If you can answer ‘YES’ to all the points in the checklist your business should be at least broadly compliant.
As you are a new owner, if there is a Food Hygiene Rating Sticker or certificate displayed in your premises, you will need to take this down as this rating will only apply to the previous owner and is the property of Torbay Council.  If you wish to put up a sticker which states “Awaiting Inspection” then please let this department know.
Following your initial full inspection your business will be given a rating for the standards of hygiene, structure and confidence in management found at that time.
You must ensure that any food handlers are supervised, instructed and/or trained in food hygiene in line with the work that they do. Please see Food Hygiene Training for more information.
If you would like more information please see Food Hygiene Ratings.
You can find out more about your responsibilities as a food business operator in the leaflet Food Hygiene - A Guide for Businesses Opens in a new window.