Sous vide is French for ‘under vacuum’ and describes a method of cooking in vacuum sealed plastic pouches at low temperatures for long periods. It differs from conventional cooking methods and involves a very different set of hazards which require carefully considered precise control measures.

As a food business operator you are responsible for putting in place procedures to demonstrate safe working practices using sous vide. These must be documented as part of your food safety management system, for example within your hazard analysis (HACCP) or in addition to your Safer Food Better Business (SFBB) pack. SFBB on its own is not suitable to cover sous vide cooking as it doesn’t adequately consider all the hazards and control measures needed for this type of cooking.

We have produced a guidance document to help you understand the risks involved with sous vide cooking, how to control them adequately and explain what an EHO would expect to see during an inspection if you are using sous vide.

  Sous Vide Guidance