Advice on the production and processing of food in a hygienic manner.


This illness is particularly common in situations where large numbers of people live in close proximity e.g. hotels, hospitals, residential care homes and nursing homes. You may have heard of different names such as Norwalk-like virus, Gastric Flu, Winter Vomiting Disease, Small Round Structured Virus (SRSV). The viruses that cause these illnesses have now been grouped together and called 'Norovirus'.

The control of viral illness in hotels and other accommodation
Essential advice on how to deal with viral illness incidents where large numbers of people live in close proximty.

Rice safety

Poor handling and cooking of rice can lead to food poisoning. The following leaflet (available in Bengali, Chinese and English) offers tips on how to handle rice correctly and adequately control the risks within your business.

ধান নিরাপদে হ্যান্ডেল কিভাবে পরামর্শ
তার লিফলেট সঠিকভাবে ধান হ্যান্ডেল এবং পর্যাপ্তরূপে ঝুঁকি নিয়ন্ত্রণ কিভাবে টিপস উপলব্ধ করা হয়.
Advice on How to Handle Rice Safely
This leaflet offers tips on how to handle rice correctly and adequately control the risks.

Temperature control

Controlling food temperatures is one of the most important things that must be done in a food business. You must make sure that food is cooked, cooled, chilled and reheated properly to minimise the risk of harmful levels of bacteria in the food that you sell.

Controlling Food Temperatures
Advice on controlling food temperatures in a food business.

Vacuum packing

Vacuum packing is a popular method of extending the shelf life of food products without adversely affecting their quality.

Vacuum packing is an effective way of reducing food spoilage, but also creates conditions which enable the growth of anaerobic organisms (organisms that grow better in the absence of oxygen), such as clostridium botulinum, which is able to multiply and produce dangerous toxins even at temperatures as low as 3.3°C.

You should also consider the risk of cross-contamination in relation to food poisoning bacteria and specifically E. coli.

Vacuum Packing Foods
Guidance notes for small retailers on vacuum packing foods

Other guidance leaflets

Advice on Dish Cloth Hygiene
Tips on how to help reduce the possibility of cross contamination caused by dish cloths in your premises
Food Safety Awareness Info Sheets
Information sheets on pest control, temperature control, cleaning products, Use by dates and shelf life and food storage.
Handling of Whole King Scallops
Guidance on Safe Handling, Traceability and Management