We inspect food businesses in Torbay on a regular basis to make sure they meet the requirements of the law and provide food that is safe to eat.

If you have concerns about the hygiene standards in a food business in Torbay please tell us. We will then make a decision on whether to investigate depending on the risk to public health.

We can investigate:

  • Dirty and unhygienic kitchens and food preparation areas
  • Poor food handling practices such as staff handling raw meat products and ready to eat foods without hand washing in between
  • Smoking within a food premises
  • Sightings of rats, mice, cockroaches and other food pests.

We can't investigate:

  • Minor complaints of dirty cutlery or glasses
  • Shops selling food beyond it’s 'best before' date
  • Dated decor or damp rooms.

  Report poor hygiene in a food premises

If your complaint involves a food premises outside of Torbay, please contact the appropriate local authority Opens in a new window.