If you have any complaint about food safety we are here to help you. We deal with complaints where there is a potential public health risk involving food manufactured, prepared, sold or served in the council's area.

Food complaints we can investigate

  • Food that might have caused food poisoning or has been contaminated
  • Food that contains 'foreign bodies' eg: insects, glass, hair and/or metal or might be mouldy
  • Complaints about poor hygiene in food outlets
  • Food that is being sold past its 'use-by' date.
  • Claims for compensation or refunds - that is a matter between you and the seller
  • Complaints about poor quality food - for instance sour milk or over-ripe fruit/vegetables
  • Food that is beyond its 'best-before' date
  • Problems caused when you did not follow manufacturer’s instructions
  • When you have returned a product before contacting us.

If you wish to make a claim for compensation or want to be refunded, speak to the food business operator, or consult a solicitor for legal advice.

For complaints about false descriptions, incorrect labelling or food that is not the described weight then you need to contact Trading Standards.

If you suspect you are suffering food poisoning it is recommended that you visit your doctor as soon as possible, who should ask you to submit a sample for examination.   We cannot investigate an allegation of food poisoning without doctor confirmation by sample result.  View the Food Poisoning page for more information. If you suspect that you have food poisoning, please complete the food poisoning form.

  • Where and when the food was bought (it’s good to have the receipt).
  • How the problem was discovered, and by who.
  • What ill effects the consumer has suffered.
  • Whether you are prepared to support us in taking legal action. This may involve providing a statement, and /or evidence in court.
  • Keep all food and wrapper or packaging.
  • Keep perishable food refrigerated or frozen, especially if your complaint involves decomposition or off smells and tastes.
  • Don’t put the food in a place where further deterioration or contamination could take place (e.g. near other foods).
  • Leave any ‘foreign object’ in the food and do not handle it.