Council Tax Support Consultation

Have your say on proposals for the Council Tax Support scheme for working age residents in Torbay. The consultation is open until 11 October 2019 and there is a public event being held at Paignton Library on the 11 September 2019 for people to find out more about the proposals. Take part in the consultation >>

The current processing time for new applications and changes to benefit claims is an average of 6 weeks.

If you contact us with a general enquiry online we will reply to you within two working days.

If you pay for childcare we can reduce the amount of the earnings we use in your claim. This can be up to £175 for one child or £300 for two or more children each week. There are certain circumstances that must be met to use reduced earnings.

The child must be under 15 years old or under 16 if disabled.

Single parents must either:

  • Work 16 hours or more a week
  • Be on maternity leave and receiving statutory maternity pay or maternity allowance

Couples must either:

  • Both work 16 hours or more a week
  • One works 16 hours or more a week and the other is disabled, blind or is on maternity leave and receiving statutory ,maternity pay or maternity allowance

The childcare must be provided by:

  • A registered childminder
  • A childminding scheme where registration is not required (e.g. run by a school or LA)
  • Any other out of hours scheme provided by a school on school premises or by a local authority - in this case only, the child must be aged 8 or more

The amount we can reduce your earnings by is up to a maximum of:

  • £175.00 per week per CTS claim for claimants with one child or
  • £300.00 per week per CTS claim for claimants with two or more children

We will need proof of the childcare you pay, please ask the childcare provider to complete a childcare payment form.

Childcare Payment Form
This form must be completely by registered childminders.