The planning application for the relocation of Torbay School to MyPlace was considered at Council on 10 May.  The application was refused and Council, stakeholders and partners are currently exploring alternative options.

Following public consultation, the decision to proceed with the proposal to relocate Torbay School Opens in a new window to Parkfield, Paignton was taken by the Chief Executive in consultation with the Executive Lead for Adults and Children and the Director of Children’s Services on 8 July 2016.

The relocation is to address the issues at the school’s existing site at Torbay Road, Paignton. We own the Parkfield site which is of sufficient size to accommodate a school; and the existing facilities would benefit the young people who attend Torbay School. 

We acknowledge that many respondents to the consultation were concerned about the changes to Parkfield and the impact on the facilities for young people.  However, we are seeking to maximise the potential of the site and ensure that it remains sustainable.  We will continue to work with the Youth Trust and consult with the young people who currently use the facility.  The BMX track, skate-board park and site will continue to remain open and available for use for all and the Parkfield building will still be available for use outside of school hours - evening, weekends and holidays. 

Throughout the project to relocate Torbay School, regular updates will be posted here giving information on the following key issues:

  • What areas of the site will be accessible to the school / public / users outside school hours
  • What activities will be available/on offer to young people at Parkfield
  • P/2017/0121 - Planning application relating to the relocation of Torbay School to Parkfield.
  • Progress of the school build and relocation of Torbay School to the Parkfield site
Project timeline
Milestone Date(s)
Council decision 8 July 2016
Design period July to October 2016
Planning application submitted Week commencing 17 October 2016
Planning decision 10 May 2017
Contract tendering May 2017 to June 2017
Contractor appointment June 2017
Detailed design June 2017 to October 2017
Parkfield building (only) closes September 2017
Construction October 2017 to October 2018
Parkfield building re-opens November 2018
Autumn term 2018 starts 4 September 2018
Statement of Intent
Relocation of Torbay School to MyPlace Parkfield.
Vision for Parkfield
Catch22's vision for the MyPlace Building at Parkfield.
MyPlace Parfkfield Proposals
Elemental breakdown showing existing and proposed use of spaces.


In February 2015 it was agreed by full Council that the school’s existing site on Torquay Road was failing to meet the needs of its pupils. Council then made the decision to relocate the school.

Yes. The lease to the school will only be for the My Place building and the area to the rear of the building. This area of the site will be secure as with all schools, but access through the Parkfield site from Polsham Road, the wooded area and through to Colin Road will be maintained and accessible by the public.

Yes. The skate park and the BMX track will not form part of the lease to the school and will still be available to use by the public. The council will ensure that both of these facilities remain safely accessible to all their users.

We must continue to deliver youth services at times that suit young people from the site, as initially agreed when it received the grant. The Cabinet Office has been consulted with regard to the proposals, and they have given outline approval. This is as long as the council will continue to deliver youth services from the building and site outside of school hours, and at times to suit young people.

We are working with the current building users to help them to find suitable alternative venues for their activity or service. In the future, the new school buildings will present new opportunities for spaces to be used outside of school hours.

Yes, and discussions are ongoing with the National Trust to ensure that the development does not breach covenant restrictions on the site.

It is anticipated that Torbay School will soon become an Academy with a new management team who will continue to put measures in place to deal with any anti-social behaviour. They will also work with residents to quickly resolve any reported problems and prevent future issues. We are committed to ensuring safe and responsible use of the site during and outside of the school day.

No, the proposal is to continue to provide the existing provision at Torbay School.

We, along with the school, will be considering how to maintain the current offer and how this will develop in the future.

Torbay School operates in a different way to most secondary schools. There will be around 60 pupils at the school, who will usually arrive and leave in groups, either in a mini bus, taxi or public transport. This activity will take place within a short timescale in the morning and after school. It is anticipated that any increase in vehicle journeys will be kept to a minimum with measures put in place to reduce impact.

As with all schools, keeping the pupils who attend the new school safe is of up most importance to us and the school. This is why the design team has been briefed to ensure that the openness of the site is maintained, whilst at the same time ensuring the school and outside areas are secure. This will ensure the safeguarding of the young people while they are attending the school.

We are consulting with young people and our partners as to where youth services would best be delivered during this period of time. We will provide a schedule and ensure this is well communicated in plenty of notice for the closure of the centre. The skateboard park, BMX track and site access will remain open throughout the construction period.

Yes. Young people will be able to access the centre out of school hours, which will include evenings, weekends and school holidays.

Staff and visitors will use the Colin Road car park, which is right next to Parkfield. This car park will include dedicated drop off spaces and improved markings for pedestrians. A turning area within the site will also facilitate visits. Torbay Council will work with the School regarding permits for the Colin Road car park, which is currently underused. A transport assessment has been carried out through an independent consultation and feedback is that this will not have a big impact on roads in the area. The school’s Travel Plan has been updated and will include higher sustainable travel targets for staff and visitors.

Yes. The sports hall will be used for dining by the school during the school day, but a dedicated storage area is included in the design so the dining furniture can be removed when not in use. This means the sports hall can be used by the Youth Service out of schools hours. Elite sports sessions will continue by arrangement with the school.

Whilst there is limited playground space in the current design this is offset by the opportunity for students to use the large sports hall. They will also have supervised access to the additional space and specialist facilities available throughout Parkfield.

The Academy Trust will proactively manage student behaviour to prevent disruption to local residents. In the design the students entrance has been sited away from the boundary to help with this, along with modest but robust boundary fencing with landscaping. The Youth Service will still be a partner and will be supporting young people outside of school hours.

The two new extensions are single storey and will occupy a site that currently accommodates workshops, a garage and plant machinery.  The proposals include the extra accommodation needed for a school that has 64 pupils on its roll. The existing Parkfield space will also be used with the Youth Service.

The proposals have been designed in collaboration with the school, Academy Trust, Youth Service and Torbay Council. Guidance has also been taken from the Department for Education. The existing space in Parkfield will be enhanced to maximise its multi-use by all users during the day, evening and weekends. The new extensions will be tailor made to meet the academic and social emotional needs of the students. It includes a vocational block to help them develop their key skills for future employment.  Dedicated space has been provided for staff both for break times and for planning lessons.