The law requires every child of statutory school age to be educated.
You must ensure that your children receive a suitable full time education either by regularly attending school or through your own arrangements.

Any educational arrangements must be appropriate to
(a) Your child’s age and ability and
(b) Any special educational needs he/she may have.

If you choose to make your own arrangements to educate your child you will be fully responsible. The Local Authority does not provide any assistance with costs, materials, curriculum or any other advice.
The decision to educate your child at home is a big step; it will take a considerable amount of your time, energy and money.

If you choose to home educate you will need to inform the school your child currently attends. You also need to notify us using the Home Education Notification Form and email the completed form to If you would prefer, you an post it to:

Student Services
2nd Floor North
Tor Hill House c/o Town Hall
Castle Circus

It is the Local Authority’s responsibility to look at the quality of your provision of home education.
You will get a home visit from the EHE quality assurance officer who will want to see evidence of the teaching and learning you are doing with your child.
Please read through the Guidelines booklet for parents considering home education.
Once you have worked out you home education programme please complete and return the Elective Home Education Programme booklet to .

  Download Elective Home Education Programme

Home Education Guidelines
A guide to help parents/carers understand what may be involved if they are considering educating their child outside the school system