We are keen to support companies that wish to encourage their staff to travel to work sustainably. If your business is based in Torquay and is located between Torquay Harbour, Torquay Town Centre and Edingswell Business Park we can offer funding for new facilities and initiatives as part of our work on the Local Sustainable Transport Fund project.

The grant will be a one off payment for a specific green travel scheme and can range from between £50 and £1,000 depending on the quality of the scheme and the size of the business. Grant applications will be awarded on merit and will consider certain criteria, such as does the company have a travel plan and how does the scheme fit with the needs of the staff.

Examples of schemes include:

  • Cycle parking, changing facilities and lockers
  • Display boards for travel information, timetable holders
  • Car park modifications e.g. car share parking bays, pool car bays, signing
  • Purchase of pool bikes
  • Motorcycle parking and signing

Examples of schemes that will not be funded include:

  • Any expansion of car parking provision
  • Financial incentives or payments to staff to encourage changes in mode of travel

Apply for a grant

Applications will be reviewed and the applicant will be notified of the financial contribution from us within 28 days of receipt of the application. The amount authorised will be at our discretion.

  Apply for a sustainable travel grant

Before funding is released, the applicant will be required to demonstrate a commitment to promoting sustainable travel by hosting a free Travel Torbay Road Show at their workplace.

Once the scheme is implemented, the applicant will be required to measure it’s success. Should the project not be completed after the Grant has been paid, the Grant must be refunded in part or in full, at our discretion.