If you are carrying out work or services to premises in Torbay and need constant access to your vehicle (i.e. where constant access to tools or materials in the vehicle is needed such as a carpet fitter where carpets are stored or a glazier where glass is stored) and need to park for longer than the permitted stay in a limited waiting bay or on a yellow line, you can apply in advance for a parking waiver (known as a Parking Dispensation Notice) for a specific location.

If more than one vehicle is required on site a separate dispensation should be obtained for each vehicle (subject to street space).

A dispensation is not intended for those who will not require constant access to their vehicle, such as a labourer who will work on site but not require bulky tools or raw materials from the vehicle. This person should seek to drop off tools and then park legally. Waivers are usually only issued to vehicles of transit size or over.

We have the authority to issue a dispensation which will allow a vehicle to park on a yellow line or in a parking bay for a specified period of time. We are also entitled to charge for dispensations and have set a charge to reflect the cost of administering of this service.


You must apply and pay online with a debit/credit card payment. If you experience any issues when completing this form please contact us.

  Apply for a parking dispensation notice

A minimum of one working day’s notice (Monday-Friday) is required for the issue of a dispensation notice and applications must be submitted before 4pm. Please note notices can not be issued for the same day.

All and any notifications asked for on the day will be declined.


A £5.00 administration fee applies to each notice issued (from 1 to 21 days) and it costs £5.00 per day to park up to a maximum charge per week of £25.00.

Examples of parking dispensation charges
Notice duration Parking fee Admin fee Total cost
One Day £5 £5 £10
Three Days £15 £5 £20
Seven Days £25 £5 £30
14 Days £50 £5 £55
21 Days £75 £5 £80
  1. The Parking Dispensation Notice (waiver) must be clearly displayed in the front windscreen of the vehicle which it is issued for, so to be clearly visible to a Parking Attendant or Police Officer. Failure to do this may result in the issue of a Penalty Charge Notice.
  2. You may nominate a maximum of three vehicles per dispensation notice. Please note you will only be able to park one vehicle at any given time, and the dispensation notice must be displayed in your chosen vehicle.
  3. A brief statement must be given at the time of application stating the reasons the vehicle operationally needs to be at the location stated.
  4. Dates and times the vehicle needs to be at the location must be supplied at the time of application. No refunds will be given for unused Dispensation Notices.
  5. The vehicle is only permitted to park at or near the address stated. The Dispensation Notice (waiver) does not guarantee the vehicle a place to park at/on a specific location or part of the public highway. Where a suitable location to park adjacent to the property is not available, a Dispensation Notice (waiver) will be issued for the next suitable location following highway guidelines. We are not required to provide on-street parking for all vehicles to park in the vicinity of their location of work.
  6. The vehicle must not cause an obstruction to other road users or pedestrians and must not be parked (wholly or partly) on the verge or footway. All verge way or footway parking is strictly prohibited. Materials or goods must not be deposited on the footway or public highway so causing a Health & Safety hazard to other road users or pedestrians.
  7. A Dispensation Notice (waiver) is only valid for use in the vehicles provided when you submitted your application. If the Dispensation Notice (waiver) is placed in a different vehicle to the one stated on the Notice or if the Notice is changed or altered in any way then it will be deemed invalid and a Penalty Charge Notice will be issued to the vehicle.
  8. The vehicle must be moved on the request or instructions of a Police Officer, Parking Attendant, one of our Officers or Utility Company Contractor in the course of their contracted works. If the vehicle is requested to move we are not required to offer any compensation or alternative parking place. If it is deemed necessary a Dispensation Notice (waiver) may be withdrawn without notice by us on the instructions of Devon & Cornwall Police or our Highways department. Your contact details will be used in this instance to inform you.
  9. Parking Attendants employed by us will conduct inspections during the operation of the Parking Dispensation (waiver) to establish the vehicle is being used for the purpose that the Notice was issued.
  10. There is an administrative fee of £5 per Dispensation Notice. The cost to park on-street is £5 per day up to a maximum of £25 per week. Full payment is required in advance of a Dispensation Notice (waiver) being issued. The maximum length of time for a Dispensation Notice is 21 days. 
  11. We reserve the right to refuse to issue a Parking Dispensation Notice to a vehicle or Owner of a vehicle which has outstanding Penalty Charge Notices. All data collected from the issuing of Dispensation Notices can be used in conjunction with any Council reporting functions or part of a Police investigation.