A rotational management scheme is used in Torbay dividing it into the known ward areas. Each ward area will receive priority once every two years, on average. The order of the wards has been decided by the population of trees in each ward. 

Below is a list of works which could be undertaken by our contractor to a tree we own. This will not apply for all works or to all trees. Each tree will be assessed for suitability and wherever possible the works detailed will be undertaken; however to due to varied growth habits, species specific timing, possible wildlife benefits, not all works will be suitable:

  • Crown lifting (removal of the lower branches) above footpath and road to allow suitable height clearance.
  • Removal of storm damaged and hung up limbs.
  • Removal of deadwood which could be a hazard.
  • Removal of basal suckers and sprouts around base of tree and main stem.
  • Sever ivy.
  • Removal or reduction of branches that are obstructing signs, street lights and touching buildings, e.g. physical contact with walls, windows and gutters. This will not include the reduction of branches overhanging a garden. As a guide, we will try to provide a distance of approximately 2 metres of clearance from buildings only.
  • Clearance of broken/fallen branch on highway verges.
  • Felling smaller trees where dead.
  • Pruning of a young tree and tree watering (up to two years after planting). Stake removal and topping up woodchip if required.
Cyclical Management Schedule
Tree management cycle for 2018-2019 and 2019-2020.