We have added the following titles to our fictional catalogue.

New Fiction for September 2017
Author Title
Allen, Diane The Windfell family secrets
Allen, Louise Marrying his Cinderella countess
Allingham, Merryn The secret of Summerhayes
Alsterdal, Tove The forgotten dead
Anderson, Lin Follow the dead
Andrews, Lyn Liverpool sisters
Armstrong, Kelley Rituals
Ascherson, Neal The death of the Fronsac
Ashdown, Isabel Little sister, a missing child, a broken mother, a sister who doesn't remember a thing.
Atwood, Margaret Hag-seed:the Tempest retold
Barber, Kathleen Are you sleeping
Barker, Nicola H(a)ppy
Barnard, Joanna Hush little baby
Beacon, Elizabeth The governess heiress
Beauman, Ned Madness is better than defeat
Beck, Haylen Here and gone
Beecham, Caroline Maggie's kitchen
Berlin, S.V. The favourite
Blake, Maya Pregnant at Acosta's demand
Box, C. J. Paradise Valley
Brett, Simon Blotto, Twinks and the stars of the silver screen
Camilleri, Andrea A nest of vipers
Carson, Nancy A country girl
Carter, Chris The caller
Cassidy, Carla Shetered by the cowboy
Chadwick, Elizabeth The winter crown
Chambers, Becky A closed and common orbit
Childs, Lisa Single mum's bodyguard
Cogman, Genevieve The burning page
Cogman, Genevieve The masked city
Connelly, Clare Bought for the billionaire's revenge
Cornwell, Patricia Chaos
Darling, Annie True love at the Lonely Hearts bookshop
Dee, Jonathan The locals
Doherty, Paul The mansions of murder
Donoghue, Clare The night stalker
Douglas, Donna District nurse on call
Dunmore, Helen Birdcage walk
Dunnakey, Sarah The companion
Edwards The long arm of the law, classic police stories
Ellis, Kate The mermaid's scream
Evans, Natalie Meg The wardrobe mistress
Fairstein, Linda Deadfall
Feehan, Christine Dark carousel
Fields, Helen Perfect prey
Freeman, Kathryn Before you
Fuller, Meriel The warrior's damsel in distress
Fullerton, Jean Pocketful of dreams
Gage, Christos The spread of their evil
Gerritsen, Tess I know a secret
Gideon, Melanie Valley of the moon
Glaister, Lesley The squeeze
Goodwin, Rosie Mothering Sunday
Grafton, Sue Y is for yesterday
Green, Linda After I've gone
Gregory, Philippa The last Tudor
Hannah, Kristin Between sisters
Hardie, Mark Truly evil
Harvey, Clare The night raid
Hepburn, Holly The picture house by the sea
Hewitt, Kate Engaged for her enemy's heir
Hislop, Victoria Cartes postales from Greece
Hoeg, Peter The Susan effect
Holmes, Jenny The telephone girls
Howe, K. J. The freedom broker
Ide, Joe IQ
Jackson, Douglas Glory of Rome
Jacobs, Anna Gifts for our time
Jewell, Lisa Then she was gone
Johnson, Lindsey Lee The most dangerous place on Earth
Kellerman, Faye Bone box
Kellerman, Jonathan Crime scene
Kenyon, Sherrilyn Dragonsworn
Kernick, Simon The bone field
King, Stephen The gunslinger
Kleypas, Lisa Crystal Cove
Krauss, Nicole Forest dark
Kubica, Mary Every last lie
Lacey, Helen Chasing summer
Lalli, Sonya The arrangement
Langdale, Kay The way back to us
Lapena, Shari A stranger in the house
Leather, Stephen Light touch
Leather, Stephen Takedown
Lee, Miranda The tycoon's outrageous proposal
Lewis, Susan Hiding in plain sight
Lewis, Susan You said forever
Lindgren, Minna Escape from sunset grove
Locke, Nicole The knight's scarred maiden
Lucas, Jennie Carrying the Spaniard's child
MacLaverty, Bernard Midwinter break
Macomber, Debbie Any dream will do
Maden, Mike Tom Clancy's point of contact
Mann, Catherine & Schield, Cat Taking home the tycoon & The heir affair
Marshall, Laura Friend request
Martin, Faith A narrow trajectory
Martin, Laura A ring for the pregnant debutante
Matlwa, Kopano Evening primrose
May, Peter Cast iron
Maynard, Frances The seven imperfect rules of Elvira Carr
McCall Smith, Alexander A time of love and tartan
McKinney, R.L. The angel in the stone
Melrose, Fiona Johannesburg
Mitchell, Dreda Say Blood daughter
Morton, Mandy The Michaelmas murders
Mytting, Lars The sixteen trees of the Somme
Neill, Fiona The betrayals
O'Neil, Annie Claiming his pregnant princess
O'Neil, Annie Tempted by the bridesmaid
Osborne, Bella Escape to Willow Cottage
Osborne, Lawrence Beautiful animals
Overton, Hollie The walls
Parris, S. J. The secret dead: a novella
Patterson, James 16th seduction
Patterson, James Fifty fifty
Paul, Gill Another woman's husband
Penman, Sharon The sunne in splendour
Perabo, Susan The fall of Lisa Bellow
Peters, Elizabeth The painted queen
Pimentel, Melissa Jenny Sparrow knows the future
Ramqvist, Karolina The white city
Ramsay, Eileen Ainsworth A pinch of salt
Rees, Joanna The tides of change
Reynolds, Amanda Close to me
Richmond, Michelle The marriage pact, a novel
Robb, J. D. Echoes in death
Rose-Innes, Henrietta Green lion
Roslund, Anders Three minutes
Rostlund, Britta Waiting for Monsieur Bellivier
Ryan, Chris Warlord
Shamsie, Kamila Home fire
Shaw, Chantelle The throne he must take
Smart, Michelle Claiming his one night baby
Steel, Danielle The award
Swan, Karen The Rome affair
Templeton, Aline The third sin
Tope, Rebecca Peril in the Cotswolds
Trigiani, Adriana Kiss Carlo
Turow, Scott Testimony
Vargas, Fred The accordionist
Wade, Dani A family for the billionaire & Little secrets: the baby merger
Ward, J. R. Devil's cut
Weaver, Tim I am missing
Webber, Meredith A miracle for the baby doctor
Webber, Meredith Stolen kisses with her boss
White, Neil From the shadows
Winman, Sarah Tin man
Winter, Tom 31 days of wonder
Wood, Joss Convenient Cinderella bride & Expecting the rancher's baby?
Wood, Joss The bad boy's redemption
Yap, Felicia Yesterday
Yates, Maisey The prince's stolen virgin