The Beach Hut Users Group (BHUG) committee, formed in March 2006 to enable owners and tenants to play an active role in the management of beach huts around Torbay. By joining forces we can have our say on the future of our beach huts whilst reaping the benefits of being part of a group

The group tackles issues such as anti-social behaviour, vandalism, beach facilities, police liaison and insurance and may also be able to apply for grants towards improvements, take advantage of group discounts for repairs, co-ordinate additional security patrols and push forward issues such as parking permits.

We are always looking for more members, especially from sites in the north of the Bay such as Meadfoot and Corbyn. Please contact us for further information on becoming a member. Membership is at present a subscription of £2.00 and all beach hut users may join and become a voting member.


  • Acting Chairman - Andrew Pryce
  • Secretary - Wendy French
  • Treasurer - Mick Metcalf

Area representatives

  • Broadsands - Wendy French
  • Goodrington North - Major Ron Goodwin
  • Preston - Brian Nicholson
  • Marine Parade - Steve Ward and Bernard Noble
  • Oddicombe - Michelle Stubbs


The BHUG produce a newsletter for hut users, which can be obtained from the beach managers' offices.