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Challenges and Appeals Against Parking Tickets (PCN)

If you feel that the parking ticket was issued incorrectly, you can appeal against it. All challenges must be made either online or in writing. You can also complete a challenge form in person at any of the Connections Offices.
Please give us:
It is important that you include as much information as possible to enable the Council to consider whether or not it is appropriate to cancel the PCN. We cannot make decisions over the telephone, but you can call Parking Services on 01803 207695 if you need more information.

What happens next

The Council will consider your case and may then cancel the PCN or reject your challenge. If your challenge is rejected, the notification will contain details of your rights to contest the issue further.
If the challenge has been submitted during the first 14 days after the PCN was served the Council will usually re-offer the discount for a further 14 days from the date of the letter.

Stages of the Appeals Process

First stage

Informal challenge - this is responded to by the council prior to the formal identification of the registered keeper of the vehicle.

Second stage

Formal representation to a Notice to Owner – this is also responded to by the Council.

Third stage

Appeal to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal - if your representation is rejected a form is also sent which will give details on how to Appeal to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal opens in a new window.
Full details of the appeals process can be found in Related Documents.

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