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Torquay Car Park Locations and Details

Details of the car parks in Torquay can be found below. Click on a car park name to view a location map.
NameSpacesCCTVLiftsTypePaymentHeight RestrictionOpen
Abbey Park opens in a new window28 (no disabled)NoNoLong Stay Pay and DisplayNone24 Hours
Beacon Quay opens in a new window118 (4 disabled)YesNoLong Stay Multi-storeyPay and Display2.0mSummer: 08:00 - 00:00
Winter: 08:00 - 21:30
Brunswick Square opens in a new window89 (3 disabled and 2 parent and toddler)NoNoLong StayPay and DisplayNone24 Hours
Chilcote Close opens in a new window68 (2 disabled)NoNoLong StayPay and DisplayNone24 Hours
Hampton Avenue opens in a new window153 (2 disabled)NoNoLong StayPay and DisplayNone24 hours
Harbour opens in a new window533 (9 disabled and 10 parent and toddler)YesNoLong StayPay on Exit1.98m24 Hours
Kilmorie opens in a new window22 (no disabled)NoNoLong StayPay and DisplayNone24 Hours
Lower Union Lane opens in a new window664 (21 disabled)YesYesLong StayPay on Exit1.93m07:00 - 19:00
Lymington Road opens in a new window50 (3 disabled) plus 18 CoachYesNoLong StayPay and DisplayNone24 Hours
Meadfoot Beach opens in a new window29 (no disabled)NoNoLong StayPay and DisplayNone24 Hours
Meadfoot Road opens in a new window57 (2 disabled)YesNoLong StayPay and DisplayNone24 Hours
Melville Street opens in a new window36 (2 disabled)NoNoLong StayPay and DisplayNone24 Hours
Princes Street opens in a new window59 (2 disabled)NoNoLong StayPay and DisplayNone24 Hours
Shedden Hill opens in a new window258 (6 disabled)YesNoLong StayPay and Display1.98m24 Hours
Shoppers opens in a new window32 (2  disabled)YesNoShort StayPay and DisplayNone24 Hour
St Marychurch opens in a new window34 (2 disabled)NoNoLong StayPay and DisplayNone24 Hour
Torre Valley opens in a new window150 (no disabled)NoNoLong StayPay and Display1.98m24 Hour
Town Hall opens in a new window205 (8 disabled)YesNoLong StayPay and DisplayNone24 Hour
Union Square opens in a new window415 (16 disabled and 9 parent and toddler)YesYesLong Stay Multi-storeyPay and Display1.98m07:30 - 19:00
Walls Hill opens in a new window73 (no disabled)No NoLong StayPay and DisplayNone24 Hour
Watcombe opens in a new window50 (no disabled)NoNoLong StayFREENone24 Hour
The following car parks in Torquay have been awarded the Park Mark Award.