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Book Quest and Launchpad

Book Quest

If you are 5 years or over you can join Book Quest, a fun reading game where you journey the seas, through jungles and finally into space with lots of rewards along the way.
There are 3 levels and you have to read 100 books for each level so it’s quite a challenge. It’s not a competition so you can take as many years as you like. You get to chose the books you want to read and they can be fiction, non-fiction or even comics and magazines.
When you join you will get a colourful folder, a log for recording the books you read and a plastic zip wallet to keep all your bits safe. Each time you visit the library, friendly library staff will talk to you about the books you have read and give you rewards as you reach different stages. There are also a few challenges along the way but they are all fun and help you to learn more about books, authors and how the library works.
When you complete each stage, you will win a certificate and metal badge. These can be presented to you at your school assembly so you can share your achievement with friends and teachers.

Book Quest Launchpad

If reading 100 books seems like it might be too difficult for you to achieve or you’re just not sure if you will like being part of Book Quest, you can always start off with Book Quest Launchpad.
To complete this challenge you have to read 10 books. When you sign up you get a small membership card with space to collect 10 stickers for each book you read. When you’ve read 10 books you get a certificate. You can then decide to move on to Book Quest (you can use the 10 books you have just read to start you off). Or, you can do Launchpad again! The choice is yours.
Book Quest and Launchpad are FUN and FREE!
For further information contact or call into your local library.