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Stray Dogs

Owner responsibility

Dog owners have by law to ensure that whenever their dog goes out into a public place it must wear a collar, with the contact details of the owner clearly marked. Even if your dog carries an identi-chip or ear tattoo you are still required by law to provide your dog with a collar bearing the correct identification mark.

At the kennels

Kennel staff will examine the dog and contact a vet if required and scan the dog to check if it has an identi-chip.  The dog will be held for eight clear days for the owner to claim it. After this time it is taken over by an animal charity who pays for it to be cared for at the kennel until a good home can be found for it. Sadly it may be necessary to put the dog to sleep but this is a very rare thing in Torbay, and almost all of the dogs that are not claimed are re-homed.  Unclaimed dogs are only put to sleep if they are too sick or too dangerous to be re-homed and this is only done on the advice of a vet.

How do I reclaim a stray dog?

Contact Foredowne Kennels opens in a new window at Kingskerswell to check if your dog is with them.  The kennels are open every day except Christmas Day and Boxing Day.  
Please see the fees below - prices effective from 1st December 2014:
DescriptionAmount Due (£)
Daily boarding charge£11.27
Out of hours daily fee£9.55
Reception fee£12.06
Standard call out charge£42.45
Out of hours call out charge£86.96
Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Years Day surcharge£52.17
Government Fine£25.00
Dog Warden Transport Cost£64.00
Payment Plan Arrangement Fee£10.50
These will need to be paid to get the dog released. Check that the kennels will be open at the time you want to pick up the dog:
Do take proof of your identity with you.
At the Kennels you will be asked to sign a release form stating that you own the dog, or that you have the owner’s consent to claim the animal. Details of the owner’s name and address must be given.  Pay the release fee to the kennels, either in cash or by card. This will cover the fine for the dog straying plus all costs involved with the pick-up and care of the dog.  The dog is the responsibility of Torbay Council and the kennels will not release it unless all of the above conditions are complied with.

Lost or found dogs

To report a lost or found dog, call 01803 208025 Monday to Friday 9:00 to 17:00. Outside these hours, you can call TOR2 on 01803 550405