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School Holidays and Term Times

School Term and Holiday dates are set by the Council and apply to all Community and Voluntary Controlled Schools. Governing Bodies of Acadamies, Voluntary Aided and Foundation Schools are recommended to adopt the dates set by the Council.


Term NameStartsFinishes
Autumn: Term 14 September 201424 October 2014
Autumn: Term 23 November 201419 December 2014
Spring: Term 35 January 201513 February 2015
Spring: Term 423 February 201527 March 2015
Summer: Term 513 April 201522 May 2015
Summer: Term 61 June 201523 July 2015

Bank Holidays

Calendar views of term and holidays dates are available (see Related Documents). For further information on occasional days and other closure dates please contact your child's school or for emergency closures view the School Closures page.


Term NameStartsFinishes
Autumn: Term 12 September 201523 October 2015
Autumn: Term 22 November 201518 December 2015
Spring: Term 34 January 201612 February 2016
Spring: Term 422 February 201624 March 2016
Summer: Term 511 April 201627 May 2016
Summer: Term 66 June 201622 July 2016

Bank Holidays

Leisure activities

Torbay Family Information Service can provide help, advice and support for families with children aged 0 to 20. For information on leisure activities in Torbay call 0800 328 5974 or visit the Family Service Directory.

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