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Mayor's Budget Proposals 2013/14

Torbay Council, like all public sector organisations continues to face reductions in the level of funding it receives as the Government continues with its deficit reduction plan. In proposing the budget for 2013/14 Torbay Council faced an unprecedented challenge, the Council needed to find up to £10million through a mixture of service savings, further efficiencies and increases in income. We had to find ways to reduce costs and look at new ways of delivering services so that we could maintain as many services as possible that Torbay resident’s value.
For details of the agreed revenue and capital budgets please see the Budget Digest 2013/14 page.

Budget Event

The Council hosted a budget event on the 25 September 2012 to help us to understand how and where money should be spent and where savings should be made. Questions and answers from the event are in the Related Documents.

Mayor’s message and provisional spending targets for 2013/14

Committee Reports

Priorities and Resources 2013/2014 Review Panel

23 November 2012
30 November 2012
The Council approved a 4 year Capital Investment Plan in February 2012.  This plan is updated every quarter for the latest expenditure and funding position.  Latest position reported to Council in December 2012 is as follows:
Audit Committee - 19 December 2012
Commissioning Agreements
Impact Assessments

Proposed Fees & Charges

Commercial Services
Community Safety
Torbay Economic Development Company
Financial Services
Spatial Planning
Residents & Visitors
Torbay Care Trust

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