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Historic Environment

The Torbay Archaeology Service operates within the administrative area of Torbay Council, which is part of the historic county of Devon but since local government reorganisation in 1998, a unitary authority.
The service maintains the Torbay Historic Environment Record and curates the archaeological resource, principally through Planning & Development Services.
Conservation areas can be defined as "Areas of special architectural or historic interest, the character or appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance".
A 'listed building' is a building, object or structure that has been judged to be of national historical or architectural interest.
Archaeological remains are irreplaceable. They are evidence - for prehistoric periods, the only evidence - of the past development of our civilisation.
Archaeological deposits may be adversely affected by development. All planning applications are checked for their possible adverse impact upon the archaeology using the Historic Environment Record (HER).
In a conservation area, you need planning permission for changes to buildings which would normally be permitted.
Conservation areas vary widely in their nature, character and extent
The Torbay Historic Environment Record (HER)... is a database of information on all known archaeological and historic sites in the administrative area of Torbay Council
The Heritage Strategy aims to find the best way of maintaining and developing Torbay’s heritage in a way that encourages economic, social and environmental regeneration

Map of Conservation Areas

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