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Works Already Undertaken

If development has taken place where planning permission is required but not obtained then the development may become the subject of investigation and enforcement action by the Local Authority. This can cause problems such as significantly holding up or even losing the sale or purchase of a property and can lead to a court summons if an enforcement notice is served and not complied with, even if it was not you who did the work.

What should you do if you think the works need planning permission? - Property owners

  1. Stop any building work immediately
  2. Make yourself aware of the possible planning enforcement issues
  3. Check if the development requires planning permission
  4. Check if the development requires Building Regulations.
  5. Make the necessary applications for planning permission and/or building regulations if they are required (either a retrospective application for planning permission or a lawfulisation certificate. Please refer to the Planning Portal opens in a new window for your applicationforms. We will require all fees and plans as per an ordinary application). Retrospective applications for Buidling Regulations can also be made.

What should you do if the property concerned does not belong to you? - Prospective purchasers:

If you are currently in the process of purchasing a property where development undertaken there may have required planning permission or Building Regulations consent we would advise you to:
We have provided further assistance for finding out the planning history of an address on our 'Find Out About the Development History of a Property' page.

If you wish to find out more about works undertaken without planning approval - Third parties:

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