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Make a Planning Application Right First Time

We strongly recommend that you seek the services of a professional if you are applying for planning permission but if you are not using an architect or planning consultant then please follow the advice on these pages to ensure that your application is made correctly.
Please use the 'What Happens Next?' links at the bottom of each page to guide you to the next stage in the process.

Step 1: Find out if you need planning permission

Certain changes can be made without the need for planning permission under permitted development rights opens in a new window.
Before applying for planning permission it is worth finding out:
Please note - The conveyancing process may oblige you to provide proof that appropriate permissions were sought, for any development you may have undertaken on your property. Therefore, a written response from us will be beneficial to you should you wish to sell your property.

Step 2: Select how you wish to apply

There are two ways that you can make your application:
If you require guidance:

Step 3: Calculate the fee for your application

All applications (except exemptions and applications solely for Listed Building Consent and Conservation Area Consent) require the submission of correct fees
Online applications: The online service provides a fee claculator for you.

Step 4: Create your plans and supplementary documents

All applications must be accompanied by the correct Plans and Documents for them to be valid.

Online applications

The online service allows you to submit plans online if you require.

Step 5: Submit your application

Paper applications: Please submit your application by post or by hand to:
Spatial Planning
2nd Floor
Electric House
Castle Circus
Online applications: The application is transferred directly to Torbay Council.

Step 6: The application will now be processed by Torbay Council

Visit the Planning Process page for step by step guidance through the whole process.

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