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Changes in the building regulations that will affect your home improvements

If you are making improvements to your home and live in England, then you need to be aware of important Building Regulations changes that affect how you work with your local authority building control team. Site inspections are an important process of ensuring your work meets Building Regulation standards which ensure your project will be safe, fire resistant, energy efficient and sustainable.
Previously, your local authority building control team carried out site inspections at fixed stages of your construction project. This system was inflexible and did not give them the opportunity to look at the most important stages of construction. From 6 April 2013 the law has changed to give your local authority building control team greater flexibility as to when they need to carry out site inspections. This will enable them to make sure the work better complies with Building Regulations.
After 6 April 2013 when you submit a Building Regulations Application you are likely to be provided with an Inspection Service Plan before you start work detailing the stages of work they would like to inspect. This will vary depending on the size and complexity of your project, age of your home, the construction type, ground conditions and your builder’s experience.
You’ll have to inform your local authority building control team when you start and when you reach the stages outlined in your Inspection Service Plan so they can carry out site visits. If your local building control team are not given the opportunity to carry out a site inspection at the stages outlined in your plan they may not be able to issue the completion certificate – you will need this when you comes to sell your home.

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