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Building Control Customer Charter

The Council is committed to improving public services through the Government’s modernising agenda to make them more responsive to you the users. Building Control Services fully support the idea of setting out the standard of service you can expect from it in this Charter.
The Building Control Manager will review the Customer Charter annually.

What we do

Building Control is a statutory service, which regulates the built environment. This includes the health, safety, welfare and convenience of persons in and about buildings, the provision of access and facilities for persons with disabilities and the conservation of fuel and energy. Through a variety of legislation it administers and enforces a framework of national technical standards covering the design, construction, extension, adaptation and use of all types of buildings frequented by people. These standards also include provisions for: structural stability: fire protection: means of escape in case of fire; drainage; sound insulation: ventilation; stairway design and glazing (NB this is not an exhaustive list of provisions)
The Building Control service can be split into three main areas of operation:
For further information please refer to the Customer Charter below.

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