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Air Quality In Torbay

Following a series of Local Air Quality assessments, Torbay Council declared an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) in Hele Road in 2005. Further, in 2006 Torbay Council declared a second Air Quality Management Area (AQMA)  at Brixham Town Hall. In both cases the subsequent it confirmed that the pollution was from road transport..
Further Assessments for Hele Road and Brixham Town Hall were completed in October 2006 and October 2007 respectively. Source apportionment exercises in both cases confirmed that the high levels of nitrogen dioxide were caused by emission from road transport, due to low vehicle speeds as a result of localised congestion within both AQMA’s.

The Process of Local Air Quality Management

As required by Government under Part IV of the Environment Act in 1995 requires local authorities with AQMA's to produce action plans to improve local air quality. Where road traffic is the main source of pollution local authorities are recommended to integrate action plans into Local Transport Plan (LTP's).
Torbay Council have produced a final action plan for Hele setting out what may be done to meet the air quality objectives within the AQMA.  And a further Action Plan is currently being finalised for Brixham. Measures to improve air quality are included within Torbay Council's Local Transport Plan for 2006-2011.
The final action plan is considered the cost-benefit of traffic alterations in Hele Village to improve local air quality, including measures to restrict certain vehicle types. An independent study on the cost benefit of the traffic alterations for Hele Road is currently being undertaken, with the initial finding due to be available in spring 2009, and final recommendations in autumn 2009.

Air Quality Management Area

Air Quality Management Areas are based on the areas in Hele and Brixham where the annual mean nitrogen dioxide objective will not be met.

Air Quality Review

A series of review and assessments of Torbay’s air quality have been conducted to identify problem areas and determine a course of action to bring improvements.

Air Quality Action Plan

An Air Quality Action Plan has been developed, and integrated into the Local Transport Plan. The objective is to develop effective measures to improve air quality in Hele and Brixham.

Other Information

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