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Petroleum Storage Licence

To run a business where petrol is stored for dispensing directly into the fuel tank of an internal combustion engine - or where large amounts of petrol are stored for private use - you need a licence from your local petroleum licensing authority.
Torbay Council are the petroleum licensing authority in Torbay and we are responsible for ensuring safety at sites where petrol is delivered, stored and dispensed.
Petrol must be stored in accordance with certain conditions attached to a Licence that we issue and our aim is to ensure the observance, maintenance and, where necessary, the improvement of safety standards.
In addition, this authority or, dependent on the main activity at the premises concerned, the Health and Safety Executive oversees other safety-related legislation. Please see the Health and Safety at Work section for further information.
Fees will be payable for a licence.
Conditions may be attached to a licence

Regulation Summary

Is the Licence Granted Automatically?

No, it is in the public interest that Torbay Licensing Authority must process each application before granting it. Submission of an application form does not guarantee grant.

Apply Online

You are able to apply for Petroleum Storage Licence online.
For further advice and information about licensing and petroleum storage, contact our Safety and Licensing team.

Failed Application Appeal

Please contact Torbay Council in the first instance.
If an application is refused the applicant may appeal to the Secretary of State.

Licence Holder Appeal

Please contact Torbay Council in the first instance.

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