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Animal Movement Licence

In the aftermath of the Foot and Mouth outbreak a rigorous regime of licensing which controls the movement of a range of animals has been introduced. The most common animals whose movements have to be licensed are sheep, pigs and cows.
The conditions which apply to these movements vary according to the type of animal, the destination and the type of trip. In addition, these conditions are constantly being altered and so it is important that you make yourself aware of the latest conditions when applying for a movement licence.
In certain conditions all that is necessary is for you to complete the licence and forward the copies as laid down. The licences can be obtained from your local Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs office.
We are the enforcement authority for farm animal welfare and for disease prevention on farms, during transportation. We undertake spot checks on farms and livestock vehicles.
We are responsible along with other agencies including DEFRA, Her Majesties Customs and Excise and the Police for enforcing the legal control measures to prevent Rabies entering the UK. In addition, should any farm animal disease be confirmed within the UK and or in Torbay we have contingencies in place to work with the above agencies and other organisations to eradicate it.
Most livestock currently moves from place to place under the controls of a General Licence. Notification of movements must be made to the local authority where the destination premises is located, for instance if a Torbay farmer buys sheep from Cornwall, then they must inform us when the sheep arrive on their livestock holding in Torbay. Currently Devon County Council process the Animal Movement Licence Documents for Torbay so notification can also be made to Devon County Council: Animal Movement opens in a new window. Notification of Cattle movement must be made to the British Cattle Movement Society opens in a new window.
We also investigate breaches of the General Licence and other disease and welfare issues.
For further information or advice on animal movement contact Devon Trading Standards. They provide an animal health and welfare advice line for farmers on:- 0845 1551999

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