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Premises Licences

Under the new Gambling Act applicants have to pay a fee for each type of application, these are listed below, and dependant on the type of application and the type of premises. There are also annual fees payable, the first being due 30 days after the issue of the Premises Licence and then each 12 months on the anniversary of the date the premises licence was issued.
There are also charges for provisional statements, re-instatement of licences and when copies of the Premises Licences are needed.


Permits have varying rules depending on the type of permit, length of time they are issued for and when and if an annual fee has to be paid.
Club Gaming and Club Machine Permits are valid for 10 years, but there is an annual fee.
Alcohol Licensed Premises Gaming Machine Permits are valid until the Licensing Act 2003 Premises Licence is transferred, so in affect are not time limited providing they are transferred to the new holder, and have an annual fee.
For further information visit the Permits page.

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