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Food Standards

The food teams provide information to consumers about food labeling, food composition and quality matters on the Food Standards page.

Food Poisoning

Food borne illness can spread quickly, partly because everyone in the family could have eaten the same food and partly because the bacteria may be picked up by close family contact (e.g. nursing the sick). Viruses can also cause illness, similar to food poisoning and they also spread very quickly. If you suspect you are suffering food poisoning it is recommended that you visit your doctor as soon as possible, who might ask you to submit a sample for examination. View the Food Poisoning page for more information. If you suspect that you have food poisoning, please complete the food poisoning form.

Infectious Diseases

Certain infectious diseases are notifiable to Public Health England and these are investigated by the consultant in communicable disease control (CCDC) or by officers of the Local Authority. We investigate food poisoning and certain other food borne illnesses which are notifiable.

School Packed Lunch Guidance

As a parent it can be sometimes a bit difficult to think of new ideas for children's lunch boxes that are both, healthy and nutritious as well as appealing to children. For some ideas a healthy packed lunches please download our Packed Lunch Guide from the  Related Documents.
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