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Top Ten Tips for Starting up a New Business

Are you a self employed person and setting up a new business? - it can be a maze trying to find out the right people to speak to.
Please see the Starting your own business leaflet for help with knowing who to contact to ensure that you get the right information and ensure that your business is compliant with the law.

Industry Guides to Good Hygiene Practices

Industry Guides to Good Hygiene Practice are voluntary documents which are written by the industry to help businesses comply with current food safety legislation. They are recognised by the Food Standards Agency and the Local Environmental Health Department are required by law to have regard to them when carrying out food hygiene inspections
View the Industry Guides to Good Hygiene Practice page for more details.

Food Hygiene Law

A brief summary of the main rules that apply to most food businesses in Torbay is available on the Food Hygiene Law page.

Food Standards

The Food team can provide information to businesses on food labelling, food composition and quality matters. View the Food Standards page for more details.

Advice on How to Handle Rice Safely

Poor handling and cooking of rice can lead to food poisoning. This leaflet offer tips on how to handle rice correctly and adequately control the risks within your business. Please see our advice leaflet in Related Documents

Controlling Food Temperatures

One of the most important things that any food business must control is food temperature. Good temperature control will stop harmful bacteria growing in the food that you serve. View the Controlling Food Temperatures page fore more information.

Pest Control in Food Businesses

Pests are one of the worst problems that a food business can encounter. Most Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Notices (temporary closures) that are served on businesses in Torbay are due to mouse, rat and cockroach infestation. Don't let pests destroy your business, view the Pest Control in Food Businesses page and follow our advice!

Keeping your Business Clean

Do you know the difference between detergent and sanitiser? If not then read the advice on practical cleaning in food businesses on the Keeping your Business Clean page.

Advice on Vacuum Packing

Vacuum packing is a popular method of extending the shelf life of food products without adversely affecting their quality. Vacuum packing is an effective way of reducing food spoilage, but also creates conditions which enable the growth of anaerobic organisms (organisms that grow better in the absence of oxygen), such as clostridium botulinum, which is able to multiply and produce dangerous toxins even at temperatures as low as 3.30C. view the Advice on Vacuum Packing page for more information.

Advice on Dish Cloth Hygiene

Dish cloths offer the perfect environment for bacterial growth which can lead to food poisoning. This leaflet offers tips on how to keep dish cloths clean and to prevent cross contamination. Please see our advice leaflet in Related Documents.

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