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Torbay Council, Torbay Care Trust, Sanctuary Housing and South Devon company Europlas are all on board as the main partners in the inspiring loveLIFE campaign. So, too, is Torquay-based firm DevonFresh.
The aim is to set a series of challenges over the next year aimed at improving lifestyles.
Our challenges to you over the next year are to:
All you have to do is decide how you can help achieve those goals, donate and make a pledge and your miles, steps, weight loss and number of cigarettes you are looking to give up will be added into the challenges pots.It could be miles from a sponsored walk or taking part in a marathon or just taking the dog for a walk or going for a swim and bike ride and taking part in dance sessions. It could be a target to lose weight and quitting cigarettes.
Everyone - from individuals to clubs, groups, businesses, schools and other organisations - will have a chance to take part, no matter how small the achievement you are aiming for. We believe the targets can be achieved a step - or even a toddle - at a time and above all the aim is to have fun.
All it needs is for individuals, families, groups, clubs and employers to pledge to stay active or try something new over the next 12 months and help create a lasting legacy of good health in this part of Devon, especially in Olympic year. The awe-inspiring feats achieved during the Games are bound to inspire many would-be and armchair athletes.
Debbie Stark, director of public health for Torbay Care Trust, said they were delighted to be part of the loveLIFE campaign."Over the next 12 months it will be great to chart the journey of local people making their health pledges, people making pledges were not alone and there was information and advice available to help them meet their targets."
Torbay mayor Gordon Oliver said "There were real health benefits to getting involved with the loveLIFE campaign."
Simon Clark, Sanctuary Group's director of housing and communities has said "They were 100 per cent behind the campaign as it would help improve the lives of the communities they served."
Jim Short, general manager of Europlas, based in Newton Abbot, said " The campaign was an 'excellent' way of promoting good health."
DevonFresh director Mark Bridgman said "They supported the campaign's aims on healthy eating."
For loveLIFE ability does not matter. You don't have to be a champion runner or a fitness fanatic to take part. Even joining a tango or ballroom dancing class, strolling the South Devon coast, or toddling around the playground will count. You may pledge to give up a few of your weekly cigarettes, or to kick the habit altogether. Clubs will also be asked to support the campaign, both by 'donating' their miles or steps but also by making it easier for new people to join their activities.
It's a campaign for people of all ages and abilities, especially those who aren't active now and want to be, even if it is walking to the shops instead of driving. We want to hear from you if you want to lose weight — whether it's several stones or just a few pounds. We'll count EVERYTHING you achieve, big or small, and together we can smash our challenge targets. You can sign up by visiting opens in a new window

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