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Housing Standards

Torbay Council is committed to improving the quality of life of residents in the area. The provision of housing accommodation that is safe, warm and secure is an essential requirement for occupiers and our corporate strategy is directed towards achieving satisfactory conditions.
The Housing Standards Team has built up good working relations with Social Services, the Care Trust ,Occupational Therapists, the Fire Authority and Police in identifying those persons in need of improved conditions. Vulnerable persons such as the elderly or infirm may be at greatest risk requiring individual assessment and assistance.
We deal with all types of housing including flats and mobile homes. The monitoring and improvement of standards in houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) is a main priority area. Some HMOs and landlords need to have a licence and these properties should be well managed.
More recently, the council have co-operated in conjunction with the Police, in an initiative to raise awareness of both owners and occupiers of basic precautions to reduce risk of burglaries and theft. We also can help anybody improve the security of their home if they are vulnerable or have been a victim of burglary.
We regularly carry out a house condition survey across the Bay to give us a clear idea of the problems that exist. This helps us target resources to improve areas that need it most. The latest survey was completed in 2006.

Home Energy Conservation Act - Further Report 2013

The Home Energy Conservation Act 1995 (HECA) recognises local authorities’ ability to use their position to significantly improve the energy efficiency of all the residential accommodation in their areas.
In July 2012 the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) published a requirement under HECA for all local authorities in England to report on the measures they propose to take to achieve this aim.
The first of these reports, is required to be published in 2013. Subsequent reports known as progress reports must be published at two-year intervals following this date. This document sets out how Torbay Council will meet its strategic objectives to improve the energy efficiency of homes in the bay.
The report can be downloaded from the Related Documents.

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