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Mayoral Election Results

The last Mayoral Election was held on 7 May 2015. The results of the election were:
Vacant Seats: 1 | Electorate: 105,495 | Turnout: 60.44%
Name of CandidateDescription (if any)Number of Votes
BREWER, DennisLiberal Democrat1st Preference - 11,788
2nd Preference - 6,934
Total - 18, 722
BROOK, Martin RobertIndependent5,846
COLLEY, SusieIndependent7,541
COWELL, Darren JohnLabour Party8,119
NEALE, PamelaIndependent1,249
OLIVER, Gordon MalcolmConservative Party Candidate1st Preference - 15,354
2nd Preference - 3,989
Total - 19,343 ELECTED
PARROTT, Julien HenryUK Independence Party (UKIP)11,325
Gordon Malcolm OLIVER is duly elected.

2011 Elections Results

Election of a Elected Mayor for Torbay on Thursday 5 May 2011.
Vacant Seats: 1 | Electorate: 103997 | Turnout: 41.2%
Name of CandidateDescription (if any)Number of Votes*
BREWER, Dennis RaymondLiberal Democrat6905
BROOK, Martin RobertIndependent2090
BYE, NickIndependent9631
CANAVAN, PatrickThe Labour and Co-Operative Party Candidate3793
CLIFFORD, PaulIndependent2414
COLLEY, SusieIndependent3559
MCPHAIL, FionaVoice 4 Torbay2084
MOSS, SamGreen Party1918
OLIVER, Gordon MalcolmConservative Party Candidate12716 ELECTED
* If elected the word 'Elected' appears against the number of votes.

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