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Schools in Torbay

This section will help you find details on schools in Torbay, the following schools available are:
Each result will give you the schools address, telephone number , website and email address (if available) including details of the headteacher and type of school.
You can download and view a copy of the complete list of schools in Torbay from Related Documents.

in the box below to find your nearest schools:

Find a school outside of Torbay

If you are looking for a school outside of Torbay you can use one of the following websites:

Casual Admissions

If you are moving to or are moving from one area to another within Torbay and you require a school place for your child you should read the TIPS Booklet 4 for guidance.
You can download and view a copy of the TIPS Booklet 4 from the Related Documents panel below.

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