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Waiting List/Register

Devon Home Choice opens in a new window is a 'Choice Based Lettings' scheme.  Council or housing association homes which become vacant are advertised on this website and applicants on the housing register can 'bid' for properties they are interested in. Each property is allocated to the bidder in the greatest level of housing need. It is a much more open, transparent, and customer-based approach to the letting of homes.

How do I register?

If you have been contacted because you are already on the housing register or waiting list or you want to join the Devon Home Choice waiting list then you will need to complete the application form opens in a new window.  If you are not able to apply online please contact Devon Home Choice on 01803 207126 for an application form.
Once you have completed Section 1 you will be given a unique reference number at the top of Section 2. Please make a note of this number and the date of birth you entered. You can use the reference number and your date of birth to return to a part-completed application. Your application will be saved each time you complete a Section and click 'Next section'. You may be asked to provide further information before your application can be progressed.
The date of your current application will be transferred to Devon Home Choice, so you will keep any 'waiting time'.

How does the system work?

If you require assistance in completing your new or re-registration, a team of advisors will be available at the Connections offices in Torquay, Paignton and Brixham or you could ring 01803 208723 to speak to an advisor.

Who is Eligible?

Almost anyone can apply to join the scheme. However properties that become available are allocated based on an individual’s circumstances and based on their time spent on the register.

How can I bid?

You can tell us which homes you would like to be considered for. This is called bidding. Bidding does not mean that you will part with any money. You can only bid for homes if your application has been accepted onto the Devon Home Choice register.
You can bid for up to 3 homes each week in the following ways:
In order to bid for homes you will need:
You can only bid for homes where you match what the advert asks for. For example, if the advert states the home has 1 bedroom, you will not be able to bid for it if you need more than 1 bedroom.

Can I apply if I am an owner occupier?

Owner-occupiers can apply for a housing association property if their property is no longer suitable and they lack the resources to find their own solution to their housing problem. For example, an older person who can no longer climb the stairs in their own home might apply for a housing association ground floor flat or sheltered accommodation. Another option would be to contact the Torbay Home Improvement Service (01803 208333) Team who could provide advice and assistance with adaptations, improvements and repairs that could enable them to remain in their own home.

Rents / Service Charges

Most Housing Association homes in this area are for renting. Many schemes have attracted government grants through the Homes and Communities Agency. These grants allow the rents to be set below normal private rent levels, while still covering the associations' costs. These are known as affordable rents.  There may also be service charges for warden schemes and maintenance charges for the upkeep of communal areas.  Housing Benefit may be available to help with rent payments of those tenants who are claiming benefits or on a low income.

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