In association with the RADAR Charity (The Royal Association for Disability Rights), we offer the ‘National Key Scheme’ to disabled persons in Torbay.

The scheme has been set up to allow access to around 9,000 locked disabled toilets in Torbay and across the county, that can be opened by a ‘RADAR Key’ and aims to reduce disabled toilets being shut due to vandalism and misuse.

The RADAR Public toilets in Torbay are the following: 

  • Bank Lane
  • Shoalstone Beach
  • Brixham Harbour
  • Berry Head
  • Paignton Green
  • Parkside/Victoria Square
  • Preston North
  • Quaywest Central
  • Broadsands Beach
  • Lymington Road
  • Factory Row
  • Seafront Complex
  • Vaughan Parade
  • Abbey Meadows
  • Corbyn Head
  • Meadfoot Beach
  • Oddicombe Beach
  • Cockington
  • Beacon Quay

Keys can be purchased from Connections and are available in two sizes at a cost of £4 each.