Torbay’s Market Position statement (MPS) is designed to provide information and analysis of benefit to providers of care and support services in Torbay.

It is intended to help identify future demand for care and support on the basis of what we know now about our local population, services and funding. Torbay Council’s purpose is to share information on demand and supply, as well as local and national strategies with new and existing service providers to help with:

  • Business planning;
  • Investment decisions;
  • Response to opportunities such as personal budgets and integration; and
  • Reduce the risk of wasted resource on poor investments or poorly targeted initiatives.

It will assist in shaping and providing opportunities for an innovative and diverse market that can help people achieve independence and make personal choices for their care and support within a value for money context. The MPS is an important part of that process and although the main focus is on adult social care, there is some information on children’s social care including, the Sufficiency Statement, a summary of which is included in section 3. In future years our intention is to extend the Statement to cover a broader health market and children’s social care. Appendix 1 contains data which informs the Market Position Statement.